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Porcini: Restaurant costing for the 21st century.

When you’re running a restaurant, you don’t want to spend hours wrestling with spreadsheets or costing software from another decade: You want insight. You want to save money. Porcini helps you get your food cost and inventory under control.

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  • Ordering made easy

    Quickly organize all your purchase orders with a clean, unified interface. Easily track deliveries and organize deliveries.

  • Cost – under control

    Organize all your recipes, with instructions and cost and receive instant notifications when food cost exceeds your targets.

  • Built for the cloud

    One monthly fee. No hidden costs, no server hardware to buy. Porcini lives in the cloud and is accessible anywhere you need it.

  • Ordering

    Quickly get all your orders organized with an easy to use interface.

  • Receiving

    Track orders against deliveries and track delivery scans and photos of issues with deliverables.

  • Inventory

    Keep track of what, where, when and how much. Taking inventory will never be fun, but we're trying!

  • Recipes

    A central repository of all recipes, instructions and your dashboard for costing goals and pricing.

  • Team access

    Need restricted accounts or full access admin users for your restaurant group? Done.

  • and more!

    The Porcini team is constantly working to expand the platform. Look for frequent updates!

Save on food cost, inventory and waste.

Porcini will help you control your ordering, receiving and inventory. Through our central recipe system, you'll track true cost of your menu, and set goals for where you want your cost to be. Track historical changes, and figure out what the sweet spot is to maximize your profit.

And, for piece of mind, if a vendor price change or recipe modification pushes your restaurantpast its targets, you can receive instant notifications.

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1 restaurant


2-5 restaurants*
  $79 monthly $199 monthly
Save 16%!
$790 annually $1,990 annually

* More restaurants? Contact us for pricing.

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Try Porcini for free for 30 days!

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